Why Do Businesses Choose Facebook Advertisements in Dubai

Facebook is an effective and powerful marketing tool these days that businesses now adopt as part of their promotion. It is a medium that cannot be ignored by business owners in the current social media era and is one that we all ought to be aware of and learn how to use. 

But now the question is why is Facebook a favorite pick among business owners? Straightforward, with its growing popularity as the most visited social network, Facebook offers an attainable platform to begin, create and maintain a seller-buyer relationship. Facebook makes it to the top among business owners whose goal is not only to achieve a wide market outreach but also to develop and maintain a closer, close relationship with potential and existing customers on the web. 

According to key statistics for 2020;

  • 90,000 new active users got counted in 2020
  • Dubai remains the largest market for Facebook in the UAE
  • Around 89% of users access Facebook via mobile phones 
  • Around 83% of Facebook users log in through android devices

Besides this data, there are endless benefits of Facebook marketing for your business.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook is free to use social media platforms unless you select to pay for an advertisement. By regularly sharing on your Facebook page, you will end up with more visitors visiting your page, more subscribers, and hopefully more paying consumers. Facebook is a public platform, so you can link your Facebook page and your website, permitting easy access to both.
  • The Facebook page can be personalized to reflect the particular business and the business owner. How much confidential data that you provide about yourself is completely up to you but including some personal background benefits to make your business more personable.
  • Now Facebook is being used by people of all ages. It is a platform where you can build connections with your current customers and prospective clients. By speaking to these people through your Facebook page, you can know more about the people, their choices, and what they want. After that, this can be used to modify or vary your marketing and the services that you offer, which in turn will provide people with more benefits.
  • In 2022, Facebook had more than 2.936 billion registered users, so accessing business people that you may not have previously had access to is a realistic prospect. Starting a discussion online with another entrepreneur can build business networks that are important for all industries, particularly small businesses.
  • Facebook is fairly straightforward to guide, balancing the requirement for someone else to handle your page. You can transfer the control of your Facebook page to someone who you can trust to use the administrator feature or you can address it on your own. You can easily organize photo albums to showcase your products and advertisements, thus improving your page.
  • A Facebook business page secures your business presence on the web and is a tool that cannot be noticed and cannot be ignored. Maybe all your competitors are using it, and as with all tools that are available to boost your business, this is one more useful concept that can enable you to interact with your existing customers and future clients.


With all the enabling capabilities that Facebook has, there is no doubt why it is now considered the most useful internet marketing tool for all types of businesses. Having a business page on Facebook ensures your business presence on the web. Nowadays, it is imperative to consider this social network as a way in which to advertise in an affordable way. Being able to share promotional concepts is a good way to spread the remark about the new products or services related to your business. There are many Facebook marketing companies in Dubai that offer affordable services, and Ezmartech is one of the most popular names. You can visit the website to learn more about Facebook marketing and how it works.

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