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Delightful Features Of Our Ride-sharing Solution

Automated search for cabs

With GPS and map integration, users can effortlessly find nearby cabs automatically which are matching their needs.

Diverse cab categories

Our cabs or ride-sharing services are categorized into different vehicles, based on the facilities, and depending on the level of convenience and comfort.

Quick bookings and scheduled bookings

Users can book a cab for an immediate need or also can plan bookings for a ride ensuring a saved and prospective date and time.

Call and messaging

Our ride-sharing app offers a calls and messages facility that enables unspecified communication between the drivers and the passengers.

Different payment modes

We add multiple payment methods to our ride-sharing solutions. You can choose cash, debit card, credit card, net banking or online payment through various apps to complete your payment for bookings.

Support and Feedback

We include a view and response approach to support access and queries from passengers along with drivers.

How Does It Work?

Getting our Ride Sharing Management solution includes the following steps:

Send Your Requisite

Firstly, you need to share your business needs with us.

Get A Call From Us

After receiving your business needs, we will analyze your requirements and give a back call to you with an estimated budget and timeline.

Project Initiation And Customization

Once the project is approved, we will start to work on customizing your solutions.

Ready For Delivery

After the work is done, you will test the application and we are prepared for deployment.

Are you ready to discuss your project with us? If yes, then send an email to us.

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