We have a good understanding of video marketing tactics for every stage of the sales funnel, and nearly all of them affect YouTube.

Ezmartech is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UAE that can surround every part of your YouTube marketing approach. From refining your target audience and creating a full content marketing strategy to creating video content, optimization, allocation, analytics and more, our experts can handle every element of YouTube marketing.

We have a good understanding of video marketing tactics for every stage of the sales funnel, and nearly all of them affect YouTube.

Why Your Business Needs YouTube Marketing

Get More Traffic

YouTube is increasing exponentially, with more than 5 billion videos depleted every single day. This is much more traffic count than any other platform. Moreover, YouTube gets more than 30 million visitors per day, thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, more than 60% per cent of YouTube users believe that videos help them in their purchasing decisions, and much more.

Higher Conversion Rate

A video makes up a million words. Moreover, videos take your messages from improved text to make them dynamic and interesting and bring your business to life. Videos also help to create trust and management among people in a remarkable way. This delightful and interesting form of content has the ability to increase your conversion rate by more than 70 %.

Get More Business Exposure

Display the mouthpiece of your brand to engage more viewers and customers. Delight potential viewers through video and reach new clients when they come across your services.

Higher Visibility On Search Engine

You can benefit by writing high-quality content on your website and creating videos content on YouTube. It will help you create backlinks to your website, which indicates your business will be found more frequently on Google searches. You can share your videos on other social media platforms and use different video styles to engage more with your consumers.

Specific Targeting

Convert potential customers to the most reliable clients using remarketing and retargeting movements and reach out to clients who have interacted with you earlier. Use YouTube marketing to reach customers who are more serious in the sales funnel.

Enjoy Cost-Effective Advertising

YouTube Ads are more pocket-friendly than traditional TV advertisements. With YouTube Advertising, it is more convenient to reach your target audience. Also, this makes it an inexpensive way of advertising. You can achieve the most of your budget by simply spending when your ads are viewed.

YouTube Marketing Services We Offer

Video Creation

Event coverage, Video blogs, Social engagement videos, How-to videos, Whiteboard videos, On-site interviews, Vox pops, Corporate promos, Video ads, Video testimonials, Training videos and more

Video Description Writing

YouTube video descriptions stay an extremely important ranking element on YouTube and on Google search. Our social media strategists and content writers often collaborate to make keyword-optimized video descriptions. We give certain attention to aspects such as the length of the description, the inclusion of preliminary and secondary keywords, link placement and other textual elements that impact a video’s ranking on YouTube.

Video SEO

Ranking good on YouTube is as difficult as it is significant. YouTube is used to discover thousands of videos every single day, and a group of variables decide if your video content will make the cut:

Video length Keywords used in titles, captions, tags, descriptions, categories and channel pages, Total views, Average view duration, Backlinks and embeds, Positive vs. negative engagements, Engagements, comments, shares, subscriber rates, Channel authority, Days since published Video description length and more

Video Distribution

To create video descriptions and landing pages that will make your video content more discoverable through search, we can help you broadcast your video content by advertising it across other social networks and through email. This procedure is referred to as video distribution.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the biggest digital platform for video ads on the web. At Ezmartech, we can strategize, write, produce and revise your YouTube ads. We can create banner ads that show in the frame. Our social media experts can help you manage your YouTube ad drives by refining the target audience for your ad.

If you are looking for a platform to connect with new and potential audiences, entertain them and encourage them to make sales, our Facebook marketing services are the best way. Reach us today to know more!

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