While thousands of eCommerce sales are produced worldwide, it is providing a strong motivation to the vendors and startups to sell their things online with an outstanding online store. Nevertheless, building your eCommerce store with just any platform is the most significant blunder they can make. There are a variety of platforms available in the market like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. So, if you are one of them and ready to start your eCommerce store by spending a huge amount of money, choose the development platform carefully.

PHP-based open-source CMSs offer various benefits to website owners and help them to manage their websites without any assistance from developers. Various PHP-based eCommerce development platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal may be appropriate choices for online storefronts with their eCommerce plugins or extensions, and more, but when it comes to full-fledged shopping cart solutions for large-scale requirements, Magento is the best option.

Magento is currently the most profitable platform for startups and reputed online stores and there are a number of reasons behind choosing this particular platform. It is not only affordable and smooth to use but is also enhanced with a lot of robust features that can help your business increase sales in every way. You need to have a read to understand how Magento can power your startup business with excellent opportunities.

Magento 2 development, with the most delinquent features and functionalities, is the best choice for an online store. Despite the eCommerce platform market saturated with countless solutions with various capacities and for distinct purposes, Magento performs outstanding.

The following are some great reasons why Magento 2 development is the most trusted and popular platform these days:

– Better UX
– Flexibility
– Alluring design
– Sturdiness
– Security

Although it is undoubtedly superior, Magento constantly enhances its product and makes it contemporaneous and futuristic with every new launch to stay on top of the competition. Thus, developers and eCommerce store owners choose Magento and its new versions. Thus, developers and eCommerce store owners choose Magento and its new versions. Besides, the below-mentioned features are the reason why you should seriously think about choosing Magento 2..

Magento 2 From The Users’ Viewpoints

Advanced Search

Nowadays, most online customers are well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology and like to use the search feature considerably. Hence, it is crucial to have filtered search and faceted search, and more options on your online stores. The search structure makes it effortless to find products or services irrespective of the scope of an online storefront. Also, easy to use and complete navigation alternatives are great for beginners.


With the improvement in technology comes more useful alternatives like tracking customers’ conduct, their picks, browsing history, and more. Based on the real-time data, you can offer them favorably personalized experiences while they are doing online shopping. Magento 2 is equipped with these types of technologies and allows store owners to offer personalized products, services, and marketing encouragements of all types. Therefore, Magento 2 helps to enhance conversion and experience for the loyal customer base. With Magento’s personalization feature, the shopping cart can close more deals, motivate shoppers to purchase more items, and boost repeat business which indicates a high ROI.

Streamlined Checkout

If you want a high conversion rate, closing the deal quickly and without any bother is important, and the checkout procedure can handle it. Accordingly, Magento 2 has simplified the checkout procedure that can shorten the shopping cart desertion rate more effectively than in earlier versions.

Magento 2 From a Business Owners’ Viewpoint

Optimization Capability

Magento 2 includes outstanding features to optimize SEO and SMO parameters with modular techniques. It allows you to utilize drag-and-drop graphic merchandising so that you can do product optimization.


Magento 2 comes with an opportunity to go beyond nationwide boundaries and among various cultures by helping different languages and currencies of different countries of the world.


Magento 2 has powerful tools at the backend that ease the use, automation, and managing of orders, sales, shipping, inventory, and tracking. The backend of Magento 2 improves user experiences for backend users.

Responsive Design

As we are living in the era of mobile and smartphones, a big part of online shopping takes place on mobile devices. Thus, mobile-friendly Magento 2 offers the possibility to have a responsive design for seamless user experiences over the screens. Excellent features like cross-platform compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, and device form agnostic capacity of Magento 2 make it the best for the new generation.

Magento 2 From a Developers’ Viewpoint

Open-source platform

Magento 2 includes all the features that an open-source eCommerce platform must-have. It allows developers to leverage templates, extensions, documentation, training, modules, widgets, consulting services, and much more, provided by the Magento community to create user-friendly eCommerce stores.


As it is PHP-based and open-source, Magento 2 offers compatibility with the latest version of PHP and its frameworks. It performs well with popular databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop, if needed.

Speed & Smoothness

As per the estimate, it has been observed that Magento 2 provides around 20% more speed/performance than the previous version. On the other hand, eCommerce developers like to do hassle-free programming, and Magento 2 includes a JavaScript library as the default jQuery library. Therefore, it bypasses jQuery and Prototype struggles while developing inventive features and functionality.

Smooth integration

In today’s era, we have several types of databases, and the opening of Big Data with NoSQL-like databases has made integration difficult for eCommerce developers. However, Magento 2 is making it uncomplicated to integrate data, third party tools, and services such as web or cloud services without any dispute.


Magento 2 has more security features than previous versions because it has transformed the structure of directories in the source. Now, Magento 2 includes extracting the skin folder from the source directory. So, it has just 5 folders in the source directory against 9 in the previous version. Besides, it has formed a new directory as “Pub” and moved folders from the root directory into it. Hence, it has made it challenging to steal or hack codes straight from the root directory for bad stuff on the web.

Better Flexibility

Magento 2 provides a component-based system of modules which helps to enhance the flexibility and implementation of an eCommerce website. Modules offer space for developers to allow or disable features as per need. Therefore, you can maintain the codebase clean and high performing and ensure better flexibility against older versions.

Fast Development

Magento 2 is launched with the idea of ‘View in Module,’ so it removes complexness and decreases development time extensively. This idea of view saves developers from determining the design and assists in the creation of a picture that can start work instantly.

Use of Magento 2 platform in the UAE

As per the real-time data, around 400,341 live sites using Magento 2 and 195,901 sites in total including historical.


If you opt for Magento 2 for your eCommerce website development, you must have an outstanding team of experienced developers who can provide the finest Magento website development services. Ezmartech is one of the most trusted and leading eCommerce website development companies in Dubai, offering the best Magento 2 development services to their clients.

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