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Innovative Mobile App Development Services in UAE

Today, the mobile application development auditorium is one of the most creative rooms in the industry that holds the potential for the fortune of business. We design and develop mobile apps for multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Our mobile app development team has a long streak of releasing certain, quality applications in the Google Playstore and iOS app stores. We also provide custom mobile app solutions to restore any setbacks in your everyday business. Transform your business ideas into mobile applications with Ezmartech.

iOS App Development Services

iOS application is known for its improved native experience. We provide useful solutions that fetch feature-rich capabilities into your apps. We have a team of iOS app developers who have enough knowledge to build dependable applications that fulfill the necessities. We offer iOS mobile application development services for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and more. Our iOS app development service includes:

  • iOS UI/UX design
  • Feature customizations and custom mobile application development.
  • Advanced iOS testing with a dedicated quality security team.
  • Third-party integrations with custom APIs.
  • Optimized delivery through improved CI/CD approaches.

Android App Development Services

We offer top-notch Android app development solutions with evolutionary architecture and inventions. Our innovative solutions can be customized according to clients’ requirements and are designed to cater to a broad range of business needs. Whether you require native, web-based, standalone, or database-driven app development services, we deliver high-quality application development services in the UAE. We can help your business reach ever-changing market demands via delightful features:

  • Our dedicated team works as an extension of your business
  • Rigid mobile application testing with the best methods
  • Well-defined function flow and intellectual development strategies
  • Protected apps appreciative of major data limitations
  • Cloud-based integrations and customized tools

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development contains web-based services in applications with native features and capabilities. Our hybrid app developers are experienced in developing interactive and engrossing applications across various platforms. We create reusable elements that can be customized depending on your business needs to make the proper use of hybrid apps across native platforms. Our hybrid app development services offer various features:

  • Native features that are consistent with multiple operating systems
  • Hybrid app prototyping and testing
  • Responsive UI/UX design for more elevated user engagement
  • Performance updates and feature expansion support
  • Integrations of third-party services

Range of App Development Services We Offer

UX and UI

As one of the most popular mobile app development companies in the UAE, we have expertise in developing responsive and scalable mobile apps. Our mobile app development services help you in sustaining your business as well as growing your business with perfection. We create a responsive application user interface (UI) with a reflective and highly engaging user experience (UX). We use the topmost frameworks to deliver highly responsive UI/UX designs that provide mobile-first user experiences for advanced mobile apps.

Business Apps

We design and develop high performance and dynamic business apps to ensure the best ROI, keeping in view your business requirements. Entertain your users with definitive and feature-rich iOS and Android apps. We are leveraging our comprehensive experience of performing with all major technologies.

AR/VR Apps

We design and develop feature-rich, immersive and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications for your users to stay connected with your content.


We have good experience in developing accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for improved viewership of your content by bringing down the load time while keeping the integrity of your content.

Migration and Updates

Migrate or upgrade your existing applications to the newer and advanced versions securely without any downtime or loss of application data.


We maintain the applications using measures like functionality and technical enhancements, regular code reviews and testings, design updates, and more.

We Offer Services to Various Industries

Ecommerce: We develop eCommerce apps for Android, iOS, Windows and mobile web, using elegant methods to deliver better app optimization for speed and performance. Our eCommerce app development fulfills the unique requirements of each business.

Real Estate: Our real estate mobile app and website app development services help in reaching more prospective buyers. Our experienced developers perform on advanced technologies to meet your needs.

Education: We design and develop e-learning mobile applications for better content delivery and examination methodology with accessibility, data maintenance, and high security.

Automotive: We provide app development solutions to meet the customized requirements of our automotive industry clients.

Retail: We develop mobile apps for supply chain management. It includes various features like various locations, reorder points, safety stock, demand and distribution requirement planning.

Finance: Our mobile CRM analytical and collaborative app enables bank managers to manage and operate with their clients.

Healthcare: We offer a hospital management app to manage hospital operations like administrative, medical, legal, finance, and other related operations.

Besides, we serve many other industries such as transportations, tourism, sports and more.

We are willing to provide guaranteed results to improve your business returns in the short run. Reach us today for any queries!

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