Social Media Solutions To Connect Brands With Customers

Our social media solutions contain all features and functions of any social media website or app

We all know that social media is the most popular thing these days. A social media app or website offers the opportunity to fulfill and connect with people all over the world directly from a phone or any other device like a laptop or computer.

For businesses, social media is a fresh medium to promote and advertise the brand and reach out to current or potential clients.

Our social media solution includes mobile apps, a website and an admin portal for handling the system and studying various reports.

Features Of Our Social Media Solution

Posts and Activities on Social Media Wall

Display all your posts and activities to your friends on the wall. Our social media software allows choosing a separate friend which allows you to visit the posts and activities of that friend only.

Chat With Friends

Chatting with friends and voice and video calls are available in our social media solution. It enables you to make one-to-one calls or even group calls via our social media app.

Like and Comment

It allows users to like and comment on posts or activities of their friends. Moreover, users can share posts on their walls. The like calculation and most delinquent comments are also stated on the wall.

Event Creation

Users can create events and communicate them with their friends. Also, they can send invitations to their friends and stay on the app to see the response.

Auto Translation Of Texts

If the user receives any text in other languages, it can be translated to the user's default language set in the profile.

Privacy Settings & Profile Locking

Users can allow their posts to be viewed by the public or can limit it to their friends or friends of friends. Users can also hide and lock their profile.

How Does It Work?

Getting our travel and hospitality booking engine solutions include the following steps:

Send Your Requisite

Firstly, you need to share your business needs with us.

Get A Call From Us

After receiving your business needs, we will analyze your requirements and give a back call to you with an estimated budget and timeline.

Project Initiation And Customization

Once the project is approved, we will start to work on customizing your solutions.

Ready For Delivery

After the work is done, you will test the application and we are prepared for deployment.

Are you ready to discuss your project with us? If yes, then send an email to us.

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