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Why should you choose Google Ads as your main marketing channel?

Paid ads on digital platforms are just like their contemporaries (print, radio and TV ads). This is the best way to create brand awareness and generate revenue. Moreover, studies have shown that 65% of consumers, once ready to buy will click on a paid ad, a customer is 50% more likely to buy from your website if he lands through a paid ad as compared to an organic visitor, Google Display ads are seen by 90% of internet users, Google ads convert 50% better than organic traffic.

Below are some of the major reasons why you should choose Google ads as your main marketing channel.

Google Ads Increases leads and customers

Google Ads is one of the most useful tools for lead generation in this era. Once your campaigns are started correctly, they can send highly targeted leads to your website. On the other hand, many eCommerce businesses are using Google Ads service to achieve maximum visibility, increase sales and customers.

Quick and transparent outcomes

Google Ads delivers fast and direct results as well as reports of your campaigns. It is straightforward to examine the improvement of your campaigns as the dashboard shows you the entire detail like the ads clicked, the keywords that website visitors joined and the expense of clicks.

Get a high return on your investment

Unlike other digital marketing strategies, when you are using Google Ads, you need to pay only for ads people click on. Once your Google Ads campaigns are optimized, they will give a high return on your investment. And this may not be achievable with other digital marketing methods.

A flexible marketing channel

According to Google Ads users’ statements, it is an adaptable marketing platform. Google Ads is appropriate for any type and size of business and organization.

What We Do To Deliver The Best Google Ads Service

Google Ads Service

Only an experienced and skilled Google ads expert can do the right job. You will be assigned a dedicated and experienced Google ad specialist to manage your ad campaign.

Competitor Research

We identify your competitors, evaluate their strengths and examine the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services.

Keywords Analysis

We will identify keywords that are cost-effective, drive more traffic and resonate best with your service/product offering.

Ad Research

Develop an effective ad strategy to help you succeed by keeping an eye on the ads your competition is serving.

Ad Copy

Setting up the ad campaign can be overwhelming. We take care of the entire setup starting from the ad copy to A/B testing.

Ad Optimization

Assess the campaign by optimizing the low-performance ads so that you can increase your conversion rate and reduce the cost per lead.

Performance Tracking

We monitor work performance by tracking all the Google ads campaigns.

Performance Report

We will provide weekly reports on campaign performance and conversions generated through the ads.

Why Choose Ezmartech For Google Ads

We are not only Google Ads experts, but we also understand the challenges all companies face in this competitive era. Our expert team will help you in the best way possible.

We have years of experience in providing Google Ads services in the UAE. The techniques we follow have proven outcomes in a number of enterprises.

We work with you to create a strategy that will deliver real outcomes and improved profit. We are a leading Google ads agency in Dubai.

We encourage our client’s opinions, consider ideas and use them as needed.

We have gained through high-quality campaigns and creating strong connections with our clients.

If you are looking to expand your business, we are the best Google Ads agency in the UAE that will provide real results. Reach us to know more!

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