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Ezmartech is a Twitter marketing agency based in Dubai, UAE.

Ezmartech has years of experience in Twitter marketing handling which allows you to leverage the tremendous power of this great social media platform to help your business. We can help you promote your brand on Twitter, engage with more users, and bring more traffic to your website.

Why Your Business Needs Twitter Marketing

Basically, Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that unites people with their friends and the outer world. By using Snapchat Ads, you can reach a global audience and achieve desired results.

Increase Brand Awareness

Twitter marketing helps to get the most out of your Twitter profile. It also helps to increase an audience of Twitter followers to create brand awareness and have more opportunities for conversions.

Increase Customer Engagement

Boost relations with your target audience. Increase retweets, favorites, and clicks to build and connect your audience.

Enhance Brand Perception

Twitter marketing helps you to be one of the industry’s top influencers. You can tweet often and consistently to improve brand recognition and enhance perception.

Specific Targeting

Convert potential customers to the most reliable clients using remarketing and retargeting movements and reach out to clients who have interacted with you earlier. Use YouTube marketing to reach customers who are more serious in the sales funnel.

Why Should You Opt For Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is now certainly one of the most useful social media platforms for businesses in today’s era. It is a free to use platform that allows you to share content and promote your brand through your tweets. Also, if you want to learn more about your competitors, it can act as a search engine that allows you to find the competitors and study their Twitter marketing. Take a look at some more interesting points about Twitter and Twitter marketing that can be helpful for your business:

  • As per the Twitter data, more than 50% of users are more potential to be the first customers to purchase new products.
  • Twitter referral traffic has grown up to 6% in the last year.
  • Time spent on viewing Twitter ads is more than 20% more increased.
  • Tweets with hashtags have 100% more attention from Twitter users.
  • The Twitter promotion has up to 23% engagement.
  • More than 60% of B2B companies use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Twitter Marketing Services We Offer

  • We create and set up your business Twitter account
  • We optimize an existing profile, or expand your brand across several different associated
  • We create and optimize Twitter profiles
  • We generate recurring or on-demand social posts.
  • We manage your Twitter end-to-end, along with integrated social media platforms like SproutSocial and HootSuite Measure and report metrics
  • Remote and on-location event coverage via Live Tweeting
  • Address customer service inquiries and respond to direct messages
  • Manage and monitor your brand mentions via social listening tools
  • Reach out to industry influencers and increase your followers with follower pushes
  • Create, track and manage contests, hashtag campaigns and other interactive content
  • Produce and curate short social engagement videos
  • Execute your social media ad budget and target high-value users
  • Analyze competitor social media accounts to strategically target active users and high-value prospects

Our Twitter Ad Campaigns Include

  • Management and optimization within Twitter Ads.
  • Promotion of your products and downloadable assets.
  • Geographical and audience segmentation.
  • Discovery of influential people, trending topics and co-marketing partners, Diverse ad formats like mobile app install cards, video pre-roll and much more.
  • Auction bidding is customized to your budget.
  • Recurring insights and updates on remaining budget levels and campaign performance, Creative ad copy and imagery created with effective calls to action.
  • Optimize your Twitter Ads account with multi-user logins and security settings, Promoted tweets, Follower pushes.
  • Campaign setup, editing, analytics, troubleshooting and much more.

Choose Ezmartech as your Twitter marketing partner to achieve success. Call us to learn more!

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