E-Commerce is growing at an accelerated rate. Hence, it is of utter significance that you stay in the circle with the most recent online shopping trends. This way, you will be able to resume growing sales while remaining way ahead of your competitors. Caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had to negotiate more transformation than in the last two decades. Shipping and purchase costs are rising at an unnerving pace, while returns on online advertising are diving. As more money is being paid online, customer anticipations are through the top. Now people are getting more particular about which companies to buy from and expecting fast delivery time while continuing supply chain problems are pushing merchants to permanently change their fulfillment plans. However, there are many E-Commerce development companies in UAE, offering feature-rich website development services with the latest trends.

Latest trends of eCommerce in UAE

1. Shoppable live streams

As more and more users are preferring to engage with their products using a video, in 2022 there is a more powerful focus on making videos that personalize the experience while interacting with your products or services. YouTube and Facebook Live are getting more popular these days.

2. Buy online and pick up in-store

Buy online and pick up the in-store trend, also known as click and collect, rushed around 30% during the peak of the pandemic, but this timely shopping strategy will continue to be important. 5% of buyers who have used this method state they will continue using these benefits after the pandemic. On the other hand, 85% of consumers who have used this method say that they have made more random in-store purchases when picking up an order placed online.

3. Virtual payment techniques

Mobile payments is another domain that has witnessed tremendous development. The users that activated Apple Pay increased by more than 65 million people in 2020, with the number of individuals using Android Pay also on the increase. Mobile payments now account for one-third of digital investments. And this is anticipated to grow as alternative methods achieve further traction.

4. B2B E-Commerce

The gap between B2C and B2B marketing is getting increasingly blurred, and the global B2B E-Commerce market is on an increase. As E-Commerce tools for small and local companies become more widely available, we will notice more B2B businesses, big and small, moving online or making an E-Commerce revenue stream.

5. Conversion rate optimization

This is one of the most popular trends. For many E-Commerce websites, getting more buyers is not about gaining more traffic, but transforming more traffic. This is all about conversion rate optimization or CRO. Besides, as UX technology becomes more available to us, so too do customers’ anticipations of our websites. While E-Commerce SEO is still necessary, some companies will be savvy to reallocate some funding that would be utilized for driving traffic.


While there are certainly many challenges confronting E-Commerce at this point, they also pose more options than ever to innovate and stand out from the contest. There is a huge increase in the number of channels that companies can market and entertain customers on, but the way of communication is the only key. Develop a constant and seamless customer experience across all platforms. Many leading eCommerce development companies like Ezmartech can help you enhance your online business.

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