Features of our learning management system

Easy course management

Straightforward content management systems are developed to update and create different courses with fees, durations, and course details.

Highlighting courses and offers

We include eye-pleasing sliding banners for highlighting the courses in our learning management system. We also add a separate section for promotional offers.

Upload and share files

We know that learning includes various things like sharing notes and therefore we include a feature to share and upload images, audio, video or other types of files options.

Tests and exams

Our learning management software allows the creation and conduct of different types of online tests and exams.

Student and professor management

Our software is designed to easily manage students and professors from the backend of the system. Also, it provides you with the freedom to allocate teachers to courses and to approve the enrollment of new teachers.

Schedules and calendar

Students and teachers can view their schedules, and course dates and can also mark special dates on the calendar. They can also put signals or reminders.


Auto notifications are available to add new courses, alerts, reminders, and more.

Rating and reviews

It allows giving ratings and reviews of teachers and classes.

Exclusive teacher portal

The solution will also have an entire teacher portal allowing the teachers to organize their classes, programs, study materials, exams and quizzes.

How Does It Work?

Getting our learning management app solution includes the following steps

Send Your Requisite

Firstly, you need to share your business needs with us.

Get A Call From Us

After receiving your business needs, we will analyze your requirements and give a back call to you with an estimated budget and timeline.

Project Initiation And Customization

Once the project is approved, we will start to work on customizing your solutions.

Ready For Delivery

After the work is done, you will test the application and we are prepared for deployment.

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