Key Features/Functionality of WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce outlet. The primary benefit of choosing WooCommerce development services is it is a completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs and is available globally. The major benefit of WooCommerce development is being super lightweight and comfortable to host on shared and VPS hosting. The following are some major features and benefits of WooCommerce development:

Countless Themes: WooCommerce is designed to work seamlessly with themes

Unrestricted Customization: Edit any part of your site, from the homepage design to the purchase button to stand out from the crowd.

Built-in blogging

Embed products, checkout and more on any page

Categories, tags and attributes make products easier to find

Product ratings and reviews

Customize for your location

Product sorting and filtering

Unlimited images and galleries

Unlimited products


Product Catalog

Order Process

Multi-channel Support

Headless Commerce


WooCommerce Development Services We Offer

Custom Extension Development & Customization

We understand that having a static website will stop all the potential ways for expanding your business. With the changing technology trends, you are required to adapt to the ongoing changes in your store. Your business needs to be updated to satisfy the expectation and demands of the present preference of the customers.

WooCommerce Template Development

We provide unlimited themes to our customers, they are liberated to choose the area they want. WooCommerce development has a seamlessly responsive theme, whether you consider it on a desktop or mobile device.

WooCommerce Mobile App Development

We can develop a mobile application for your website that enables your user's simple navigation. Furthermore, it allows the users to browse your store anytime from anywhere. We provide Android and iOS application development for your website. Users will experience a fantastic response time for native or cross-platform applications.

Migration Service

We help you to create a store using WooCommerce development services. This will enable the customers to enjoy pleasant features and functionalities in a more useful way.

PWA Development

Today, every business whether it is small, medium, or large scale aims to provide a better experience to their customer. The store owner can incorporate headless PWA technology in their store for delivering a better app experience for their customers. PWA helps to grip the awareness of the new customer who typically does not like to download the application of the store rather.

API Development

WooCommerce is completely blended with the REST API of WordPress. This enables WooCommerce data to be made, read, updated and deleted. Using WordPress REST API Authentication techniques along with standard HTTP verbs which are comprehended by most HTTP clients.

B2B Development

Nowadays, businesses succeed with B2B commerce. The sellers and the buyers relate on a single platform to carry out different business transactions. We provide B2B development services to our clients.

Customize Your Store

We offer customization of WooCommerce development services as per your business and users’ needs. It helps you in meeting the expectations of your customers. It also plays a significant role in delivering the most satisfactory shopping experience to the users by satisfying their needs.

WooCommerce Headless Development

We offer a headless development service for Woocommerce. WooCommerce headless creates a single warehouse for multiple eCommerce stores.

Why Choose Ezmartech for WooCommerce Development

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