Benefits of CakePHP

Open Source platform

This platform supports PHP, which gives web developers the freedom to create an outstanding website.

No Pre-configuration Required

This platform supports PHP, which gives web developers the freedom to create an outstanding website.

No Pre-configuration Required

Cake PHP is outstanding in the sense that it saves web developers a lot of trouble which means one need not invest time in configuring the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP setup.


Cake PHP has an excellent inbuilt ORM and is favorably competent. Hence working with databases and CRUD operations is as comfortable as anything.

Easily extendable

Cake PHP enables you to make reusable code components that can be reused for more than a single project.

CRUD scaffolding

CRUD is an acronym to create, read, update and delete. These are some immediate actions in a web application. This permits you to view a demo of your application.

Ability to create test

Cake PHP brags the capacity to test all delicate and essential points of your application.


Its core security and CRUD features enable securing the user submission process in less time. Cake PHP has built-in protection and authentication.

Proper class inheritance

Cake PHP inheritance is comfortable and understandable. It has two main folders in each of its projects such as the core library and the application-specific one.

Features of CakePHP

CakePHP Development Services We Offer

CakePHP Template Design

We create CakePHP themes and template designs for your website and deliver better attention to your website and drive huge traffic to it.

CakePHP Plugin Development

CakePHP plugin development can do a lot more for your business. We create custom plugin development for better functionality and improved performance for your business.

CakePHP Web Application Development

With our CakePHP development service, we make perfect solutions for satisfying your business needs and providing you with an adequate opportunity for updating your prospects.

Custom Development Services

To make a unique essence for your business, we create a scalable website according to your targeted group and develop business prospects.

CakePHP Maintenance and Support

We comprehend that your CakePHP web application needs routine maintenance and help to keep functioning smoothly therefore our maintenance services.

CakePHP Based Web CMS

We enable web owners to effortlessly handle and control their websites with complete web-based CMS development using the CakePHP framework.

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